Looking to start a WordPress blog and wondering where to start? If you wish to create your own website or blog – and do it cheaply and get started quickly, I can help! In what follows I’m going to teach you how to start a WordPress blog or website in 7 easy steps!

How to start a blog in 7 easy steps

Blogging has helped us to pay our way through our studies and like many bloggers, financial freedom by blogging about our passions, can be extremely rewarding. Many bloggers who started off part-time now have full-time income from blogging. Some such stories include:

We (Valeria and Paul) now work for ourselves blogging and this means that we can work from anywhere in the world and be geographically free and we can choose our own work hours. Starting our own blog has been one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Working from home and for yourself has never been easier!

How to Start a WordPress Blog

Let me walk you through 7 Easy Steps to get online and to increase your own income! We will walk through the following:

  1. Decide what topic you will build your blog on.
  2. Select a hosting company (I will explain what this means below).
  3. Pick a domain name (website name).
  4. Install WordPress.
  5. Buy a WordPress theme and install it.
  6. Start blogging and creating content for your site.
  7. Start generating income from your blog website.

Deciding the Topic of Your Blog or Site

I will not delve too far into how to choose what you should build your blogging on because I have written a detailed post on the techniques for finding and selecting a post especially on this subject called ‘10 Tips to Choosing a Blogging Niche‘ – so make sure to check out this post if you need inspiration!

So! Assuming you know what you are looking to blog about and what your passion is that you wish to write about, you will need hosting! What is hosting? Let me explain!

Choosing Hosting & Buying a Domain Name

In order to have somewhere for your blogging website to sit, you need somewhere to host it. Imagine your blogging website, for example, is like a market stall, so you need to choose a market for your site to be placed in. That is perhaps one way to look at it. The short and sweet way to put it is you will need hosting!

The company I started blogging with and that I recommend is Bluehost.

Why? Bluehost is one of the cheapest and most reliable (at least in my personal experience) as a hosting platform for beginner bloggers. It only costs *$3.95 if you sign up now for the Introductory offer! (For those of you in the UK like us, that is around £2.75 a month). This is a real Budget Friendly way to start blogging and to build your business online. 

The great thing also about using Bluehost is that your domain name (website address) is included for FREE! (You do have to sign up for 12 months though for the domain but this works out as the cheapest plan).

Start Here

Buy Hosting and Get a Free Domain Name

Click Here or on the image below and then select the green “Get started now” button you will see onscreen.

Start a Blog hosting options

When you start off, you should only need the basic package! So I recommend selecting ‘Basic’, the cheapest hosting plan!

Beginners blogging hosting plans to start a WordPress blog

Next, after choosing the hosting package above, you then need to choose your domain name!

Enter a website address and see if the name you want is available! Need help choosing a domain? Email me if you need guidance. Also, if you are unsure then you can read our post on how to choose a domain name for your blogging website and there we give 10 tips for getting that website URL that suits you.

To buy the domain name and hosting I would recommend:

  • Select ‘Domain Privacy’ – because this will hide your name and address online and avoid you potentially ending up on mailing lists etc.
  • If you can afford to, I would recommend to sign up for 36 months, which provides the best-paid plan and 36 months will give you plenty of time to develop your blog.

Buying the WordPress blogger hosting

By buying your hosting with Bluehost and getting the domain name for free, this makes it quite easy as you move forward!

So you are now ready for the next step!

Once you have entered your payment information and accepted the Terms and Conditions, you will be asked if you wish to have any of the add-ons. I would suggest to NOT bother with these add-ons as you should not need them at the start and you can always add them on in the future.

Once you have paid, you will receive a message that looks like this!

So make sure to choose a good password, Just click on the ‘Create Password’ box you will see.

Email to confirm you have bought the hosting

You will then see this screen and you are thus ready to install WordPress!

Congratulations on signup message

Installing WordPress on Bluehost Hosting

This is where the FUN starts!. Time to finally get your blog or site looking like something real! Something tangible! And the good news is that this should be quite easy as Bluehost make the process simple.

Bluehost themes you can choose from for free

FIRST: On Bluehost, after the previous steps, you will now be faced with a message by Bluehost asking you to pick a theme. I would suggest just to choose any of the themes you wish as this can easily be changed later on. (There are hundreds of classy pre-made themes you can choose from but I cover this in a post on the best themes to buy). There are a number of very affordable and high-quality themes for all type of sites and blog from ThemeForest.

NEXT: Click on ‘Start Building’ and Bluehost will set up the WordPress and you are ready to go!

HELP: You might be saying – Help! I can’t follow all these steps. Help! One of the reasons why I recommend Bluehost is because I have found that their support is very good i.e. quite speedy and efficient. If you do get stuck you can contact Bluehost to help.

Mission accomplished. You wanted to start a WordPress blog – and you are now well on the way!

What Next?

You are ready to start writing content for your blog or website! So what next?

You might find these pages useful to get started:

How to a launch WordPress blog easily

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post may contain some affiliate links, meaning that I can make a commission on them but from the affiliate and at no expense to yourself. See affiliate disclosure if needed. The affiliate income helps me to maintain this site.

Bluehost Pricing: * used to signify that prices are subject to change.

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