Pinning your images to Pinterest is one of the best and quickest ways to build traffic to your website and Tailwind is one of the best tools, for scheduling and partly automating the process. In this post, I will explain how to use Tailwind to schedule pins on Pinterest.

How to tailwind to schedule pins on Pinterest

What Is Tailwind and Why Is It So Useful.

Many of you will already have come to the realisation that using a search engine such as Pinterest, enables you to drive SEO traffic to your site, much faster than on Google.

The issue: To gain traction with Pinterest though, you need to pin on a regular basis, meaning daily.

The solution: Tailwind makes the process of adding daily pins really very easy because you can set all of your pins for one or two weeks, in one go.

There were other alternatives to Tailwind, BoardBooster being one of them until recently (it’s now disappeared).

Key: As a website owner and blogger, looking to use a scheduler to save time adding pins to Pinterest, it is essential to employ a tool that Pinterest themselves openly suggest you use. Many people were using Boardbooster and saw their traffic suffer as a result, as Tailwind devalued scheduled posts from Boardbooster.

Pinterest openly recommend Tailwind as their preferred scheduling tool!

Blog Post Scheduling on Tailwind

Tailwind logo

Tailwind is a tool that makes sense for any of you looking to build a successful online business as a blogger or website. Being productive and saving a core part of your time for writing high-quality content and for other important blogging tasks, it the key to having time to grow your business (read our tips on time management for bloggers).

Step 1 – Sign up for Tailwind

Head to Tailwind and sign up for an account.

Step 2 – Install the Browser Add-On

If you use Google Chrome as your browser, go to the TailWind Chrome Extension and, at the top of the page, click “Install Extension”. (Here for the Firefox version).

Once you have the Tailwind extension set up, when you hover over any photo you see when using Google Chrome (or your chosen browser), it will show a Tailwind button (see the image below).

Using the Tailwind extension

Adding pins to your schedule could now not be easier when you click the “Schedule” Tailwind button on an image.

Step 3 – Start Pinning

Once you click on the schedule button on an image (you can be on any website at all on the Internet) then a tailwind scheduling page will open in a new window. There you will see the image you are pinning.

Assuming you have already set-up your boards on your Pinterest account, you then just type in the name of the board you want to pin to. As soon as you start typing, your boards will show in a list so you can just select the one you want.

Then just click the ‘Add to queue now’ button and hey presto, you have just added a Pin to be scheduled on your Pinterest board/s.

Using the scheduling feature on Tailwind. Learning how to use Tailwind

You can log into your Tailwind account and you will see the scheduled Pins. Just click on “Publisher” on the left sidebar and then click on the “Scheduled Pins” tab, and you will see this new pin in your schedule.

On the Tailwind extension above, you can also use it to:

  • Save an image to draft (By clicking “Save for later”)
  • Change the Pin description
  • Add the image you are Pinning to a Tailwind Tribe
  • Set a custom time for the Pin to be scheduled by clicking the small clock icon.

So, you can be surfing the internet or your own site and instantly add an image to your Tailwind schedule. Tailwind will automatically send pins to your Pinterest account at strategic times of the day.

Tailwind Publisher example

Tailwind interface showing the Publishing section.

The Benefits of Scheduling Pins Using Tailwind

1. Time Zones and Smart Scheduling

When I mentioned strategic times above, this is, in fact, a huge part of why I love Tailwind. Tailwind know the best times to post your pins, based on data from what works best and gets the best results, in your niche.

If you posted pins manually, I am guessing that you would probably often pin at the same time, such as 10 am on Sunday mornings UK time for example. With Tailwind, your pins will go live at various times of the day and week, as Tailwdin strategically post the pins. You can view the planned days and times in your Tailwind schedule.

Tailwind schedule example

An example of the schedule that Tailwind automatically create for your Pinning

As you add pins to be scheduled, using the Tailwind extension, Tailwind will decide what day and time to schedule your pin for, in the scheduler you see above. You do not need to do anything.

FAQs on Using Tailwind

Why not Pin Manually?

You can Pin manually and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this. The key benefit to using tailwind though is that it means that you can:

  • Very quickly add images to pin.
  • Benefit from the aforementioned Smart Scheduling.
  • See if you have already pinned the same image to a specific board because Tailwind will provide a warning and exclamation mark to say you have already pinned to this specific board. This helps you easily avoid accidentally spamming your own boards.
Already pinned message on Tailwind

Example of the “Already Pinned” feature on Tailwind, using Wayfinding example.

How Many Pins a Week Do I Need to Do on Pinterest?

A question Valeria and I are often asked is how often you need to Pin to Pinterest every week.

I see the answer as being a simple one in that Tailwind tend to allocate space for 20 – 30 pins a week on the automated scheduler. This to me is a sign that this is the key target, given that Tailwind has tonnes of data on which to create these schedule numbers.

When I did pin 50 or so times for one of my previous sites (my Wayfinding site that was based on a PhD I did), I found that my Pinterest traffic actually went down.

5 pins and I found that my traffic soon plateaued. 25 or so pins a week, using the Tailwind scheduler, has given me the best results.

Can I Also Pin to Pinterest Tribes or Smartloop with Tailwind?

Absolutely, when you use the Tailwind extension, there is an “Add to tribes” option, as well as a “Smartloop” option. Additionally, you can send a copy of the pin to your Twitter or Facebook page, if you have connected them to your tailwind account.

Scheduling to Tailwind Tribes

– Written by Paul Symonds

Using Tailwind - a bloggers tutorial

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