Deciding how best to choose a blogging niche that you feel suits your interests and has the potential to generate you income, is a question we often get asked. What is the best niche? What is the best way to choose a blogging niche? Well, let us give you 10 power tips to guide you on finding the niche that is right for you! 

Tips on how to choose a blogging niche that suits your business.

How Do I Choose My Blogging Niche

You will hear some people say that you should choose something that you are passionate about! This makes sense because it is far easier to blog about something you are excited and interested to research and blog about. Makes sense right?!

One further school is to simply choose the niche that offers the best chance to create an income. The most profitable niche! (Even here though you will need to consider the level of competition too!)

Diagram of how to choose a blogging niche combining passion and income

So what is the best way to choose a blogging niche?

I am sure you have already guessed what I am going to say, based on the diagram I have created above that combines your passion and interests, with the earning potential of a given niche! Yes. My recommendation is to choose the section of the circle that combines these. Here lies the blogging niche that is for you!

So ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What are you good at and that you could teach other people?
  2. What do you know a lot about and enjoy talking about?
  3. What do you really love to talk about?

With the three questions above in mind, make a list of anything that you could blog about and that you would enjoy doing. You might be crazily gifted at drawing but do not really enjoy it or want to build a career around it? If, on the other hand, you love drawing, are good at it and would love to blog and teach it, add it to your list of possible blog niches that you can choose from. From this list, select the one that you would most like to write a lot of content on.


Blogging with enthusiasm is a way to win over readers

If you lack any enthusiasm when you are writing, it will certainly come across to your readers. So make sure that your blogging subject is one that you can write content for long-term and that is likely to be something you will continue to be excited by. So ask yourself, could you be motivated and still excited about this niche subject you choose, in 6 months time if you write about it every day or two?

Passion, Making Money and Avoiding Burnout When Blogging

A key point to re-emphasize and to be clear on is that, if you try to pick a niche based purely on the money you can make, you are likely to get bored and ultimately fail if your goal is to build a profitable blog. Can you sit every week for two years and write about something if you really lack a deep interest in a certain subject?

Including passion as well as income when choosing a blog niche

The truth also is that you are not going to make money overnight. Blogging takes a lot of effort but it can be rewarding and highly profitable in the longer term.

To inspire others with your content, you first need to find inspiration in what you do. And as you will see later, when I discuss the most profitable niches, every subject area has the potential to be profitable. Having a site that has a clear focus and that targets a very specific group or people, as you will find out in later lessons, means creating lead magnets will be much easier.

What You Would Write About

When looking to choose a blogging niche, I would also sit down and list the titles of 25 articles you could write if you choose the niche you are thinking to choose. Is there enough that you could write about?

There is probably a tonne you can write about for your niche and, by doing some very quick keyword research, you will find a range of terms related to your subject. Do a Google Search for the expression “recipes for mums”, then, if you look at the bottom of the Google results, you will also see the ‘Related Searches’ results from Google.

Recipes blog keyword research example

These related terms are extremely handy for you as a blogger as they give you an insight into terms worth blogging about.

The reason why making sure you can think of at least 25 titles you would write about is important is because, if you cannot, then this will mean your niche might be too niche! Too specific!

If your chosen niche is potentially TOO specific, then you can consider broadening it out a little bit. If you write about belly dance, for example, you might want to write about dance overall but with a heavy focus on belly dance. Or bring in health and diet to combine with belly dance in some way.

Knowledge and Expertise You Didn’t Realise You Had

No matter who you are or what your situation is – one thing I can guarantee you 100% is that you are expert in something! Take a look at these examples.

  • Are you a full-time carer for someone? Teach others, who are where you were 3 or 5 years ago, what you have learned in that time as a carer!
  • Are you a parent with a troublesome teen? What could you teach those who have children who will soon be teenagers? A huge amount I bet!
  • Are you young and carefree and travel a lot? You have learned some really useful travel hacks and tricks that you could share.

You ARE an expert in something. Many things in fact!

Why Is a Niche Important

  • It means that you will come across online as an expert in a particular field, rather than being seen as an expert in none.
  • It will give you focus.
  • It provides you with the opportunity to really dig into one area deeply.
  • It will be clear to your readers exactly what your speciality is as a blogger.
Even the art of wayfinding can be a blogging niche

Even blogging about “Wayfinding” can be a blog! Example of niche I run on the side is about Wayfinding (how we get between A and B) on

My advice to you is that, if you really want to become an authority on something and to be established and known as an expert in that field, pick and stick with one specific niche.

It is also much easier to build an audience if you have a niche.

People will have a clear understanding of the subject you are writing about.

This means that you will be able to build a strong email list of very targeted followers. 

Having a strong targeted list means you can develop a bond with your target customers.

Lifestyle Blogs

In truth though, some bloggers do decide to become what is known as a “Lifestyle blogger” when they choose a blogging niche. This means that they blog about their lifestyle and so they write about many subject areas including finances, their hobbies, food and so on, a bit like Miss Nicklin does here. It IS possible to become very successful as a lifestyle blogger, i.e. some lifestyle bloggers make six-figure incomes annually.

You can be a successful lifestyle blogger too. It is much harder though to succeed this way. So generally, my advice remains the same with the advice in yellow highlights above – that is – to become an authority on one thing rather than a variety of things in your life. Focus and be an expert in one area!

What Is the Most Profitable Blog Niche

The reality is that every possible subject area has the potential to make money as a blog!

I have seen people make a great living from very unusual and specific subject areas including:

  • Jill’s home remedies blog – Jill has created a nice business out of providing quality information on natural health remedies and cures.
  • Brothers Brick –  LEGO creations and everything imaginable to do with LEGO. They make their main source of income from ads.
  • Tinned Tomatoes – a blogging business from home by mother Jacqueline Meldrum, who focuses on vegetarian recipes from her home in Scotland.
  • Spooky Halloween – a site by Miranda who blogs about Halloween all year round.

You can literally blog about anything and make money BUT do have a clear vision of how you will monetarise your blogging business!

In terms of answering specifically what the most profitable niche is, there is NOT a definite answer BUt there are some specific subject areas that can be very good for those bloggers who create powerful and rich content. These subject areas are:

  • Recipes – whether it is recipes for dog food for your pooch or chocolate cake recipes, recipes provide many opportunities to sell digital products such as ebooks and related products.
  • How to make money – a number of people have found success in this sector. We all want more money and this logically is an area that will always be in demand.
  • Fitness and health – There are so many bloggers in this sector and that is for a reason. This sector is highly profitable for many bloggers. Given that keeping or getting fit is so interconnected with tour everyday life, this is another sector that will always be popular and offer opportunities.
  • Personal finance – In addition to how to make money, teaching people how to manage their money is a great sector if you have some expertise in this area and are interested in becoming a professional blogger.
  • Beauty – The make-up sector and other aspects of beauty can be powerful options provided you have a genuine interest and knowledge and ability to convey your expertise in this subject area.

Should I Avoid a Popular Competitive Niche?

This is a natural question to ask and that I often get asked. So many people are already blogging in my niche that I am wondering if it is still worth doing? Great question!!! 

Rather than a subject area being saturated and suggesting that this is an area to avoid, the TRUTH tends to be the opposite. If there are a lot of bloggers in a specific field, this often suggests that there is great interest and opportunity in that area! That is not to suggest that an area with little competition is a bad subject area either. The key point here is that if a subject area is already populated with a number of other bloggers, take this as an indicator of its potential and not as a reason to avoid it.

Hack: Combine Two Topics

A great way to create your own niche it so combines two topics!

Let me give you some examples:

  • Imagine you are interested in Dance + food = Recipes or diets for dancers.
  • Running + travel = A blogging business based around running holidays.

I am sure you get the idea. Take 2 topics that are of real interest to you and then combine the two and see what potential niches you come up with!

Furthermore, these two topics can cover i) your interest/hobby and ii) your skillset. This way you have a niche that you are interested in and are also knowledgeable about!

Where Was I Three Years Ago?

A great way to also think of topics is by truly appreciating, understanding and valuing your own skills. To do this you can ask yourself this one question:

Where was I three years ago? What was I doing and what do I wish I’d known then, that I know now? You might have taken up being a carer for someone and have gained masses of experience that someone now starting off would not know. You may have taken up a hobby such as badminton and there might be certain things about the best equipment and ways to warm-up before playing, that you wish you’d known back then.

Visualise the End Products

A super valuable technique to use (that I mentioned in the post on how to earn money from your blog) is to visualize from the start, how you would monetise your blog! And when choosing a niche in the first place, you might want to give some consideration to this.

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There are numerous ways to monetise a blog and these include:

  • Writing eBooks
  • Producing and selling online courses
  • Providing a service you can sell
  • Affiliate income (selling other people’s products for a commission)
  • Selling products online

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Conclusions on How to Choose a Blogging Niche

To summarise, you can ask yourself the following questions in order to try and ascertain the niche for you:

  • What do you I know a lot about?
  • What do I love talking and chatting about?
  • What are my key hobbies and interests/
  • What do I love reading and learning about?
  • What could I write about once or twice a week?
  • What would I like and be good at teaching others?
  • What do I ultimately hope to sell?

In choosing your final niche to blog about I want you then to ask yourself 3 final questions:

  1. What would be the easiest niche to get started with?
  2. Which would be most practical i.e. affordable for you to start?
  3. Which one could you start now and be able to start writing about?

– Post by Paul Symonds

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