The different between having a blog that makes enough money to pay for Sunday lunch as opposed to providing you a living income comes down to a number of considerations. In this post I will provide guidance on 10 essential tips to make money blogging online, by looking at some of the most common mistakes that bloggers and which means that a Sunday roast is as far as they get. Reading these tips might help you to reach your blogging targets much faster and profitably! 

10 essential tips to make money blogging for a job
1. Understand the Difference between Blogging as a Hobby and for a Career

If you walk away understanding one key point from this article, this is the most important point of all. So listen up! Attention please! 🙂 You MUST know what the end product or services are that you are selling.  How the products or services you sell and promote are specifically designed might change over time and this is because as you being to sell items, you will begin to understand your customers and users better. You will receive requests and be guided in a specific direction and understanding your customers is vital.

SO! if you spend countless hours, days and months creating content that does not in some way guide your users towards the products you are selling, then you have nothing more than a hobby site!

A site that you put a lot of time into

A site that people might enjoy reading and viewing.

But which does NOT convert into income.

We have made these exact mistakes ourselves, i.e. we have learned the hard way. Spending a year writing good content for a website but never seeing the money come in, bar some pennies from Google Adsense. This all changed when we learned that every blog post you do should be careful planned such that it fits in, in some way, not just with the theme of your site, but to guide people towards a product or service that does generate income. It seems so obvious now to us and hopefully it it to you now also.

If you are only looking to have a hobby a blog, feel free to write on whatever you wish as it comes to mind. Blog to your hearts content.

If on the other hand  you are looking to make a career from blogging, or at least to make an income that validates the time you spend on blogging, create blog posts that incite an interest or at least guide potential customers, in some way, to have an interest in your products.

2. Build a Mail List from the Start

I cannot emphasise enough, how important havin gan

3. Focus your Energy on Creating Digital Products you Own

Creating digital products that are scale-able are key.


3. W

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