There are some tools out there for bloggers and so below I detail my 50 best blogging tools for beginners, that you use both free and paid. This list, by the way, is updated every few months so you might want to pin the image below onto pinterest as a reminder for the future!

A look at the best blogging tools for beginners

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Tools to Start a Blog

1. BlueHost Hosting

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SEO Tools

If you are looking to make your site better optimised and suitable for search engines, so that you are more likely to get traffic to your site, these SEO tools are ones I can recommend.

1. Yoast SEO

  • Why: The WordPress Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most popular SEO plugins for a reason. It is a fantastic easy to use tool that guides you through making each page optimized for search engines. Each page you create (i.e. blog post) should be aimed at ranking for a certain term. A page you create on ‘How to Make a Baked Potato’ on your student cookery blog, should target exactly those words. ‘How to Make a Baked Potato’. In Yoast, you can enter that term onto the Yoast interface and Yoast will guide you on exactly what you need to add in terms of text, headings etc to make your page optimized for web searches. In essence, it helps you to create pages on your site that will get more traffic!
  • Site:
  • Cost: Free (but a Premium version is also available).

Yoast WordPress plugin

2. Google Search Console

The Google Search Console

  • Why: This is a completely free tool and given that Google here are proving direct guidance on anything that you need to fix or resolve in order to improve your rankings in Google searches, it would be foolish not to use the search console. Furthermore, it is actually a very useful resource that provides you information on many key aspects of your site including dead links on your site, site traffic and any errors that your site is showing for ranking in search results.
  • Site:
  • Cost: Free

3. Check Site Speed – Pingdom

Pingdom speed search tool

  • Why: Making sure that your site is fast and hence gets given a higher priority in Google Search algorithms is a vital factor when setting up a site. Just enter your sites or blogs address and Pingdom will give you a breakdown of how your site performs in terms of speed, against all other sites online.
  • Site:
  • Cost: Free

Content Writing Tools and Software



Graphics Tools & Design for Bloggers

Compress Images (Optimizilla)


Mobile Device Checks (Responsinator)

Tool for checking how your blog and website look on mobile devices

  • Why: The number of searches that er now taking place on mobile devices such as cellphone, mobile phones, iPad etc is now around 50% in some countries. Having a blog site designed to look good both on computers (laptops and desktops) and on mobile devices is now essential. Not only will it make your site easier for users to navigate on smaller devices but Google also includes this flexibility of sites as a factor in their search algorithms for deciding on where to place your site in search results. Responsinator is extremely easy to use! Just enter the page URL that you want to check and this tool will show how your blog/website looks on a number of devices, including iPad, iPhone, and Android.
  • Site:
  • Cost: Free


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