21 tips to instantly improve sites SEO image

Image marketing SEO tips

If you have a UK business and related website which you have designed and now want need to get coverage for there are many things you need to consider. 5 things you need to consider.

1. Are you using a dot.com or co.uk domain? You need to have at least either the domain, or hosting to be UK based to ensure you can show in the Google UK search results. If you have a dot.com domain address and hosting in the U.S. then you are unlikely to show in the UK results. Making sure your registration address is a UK address also helps.

2. Hosting as discussed is important if you want to show in co.uk results. If you have a co.uk name you should be fine. Having
hosting which is physically based in the UK will reinforce your UK listing though. Be careful!!! You may use a UK host but many of them have their servers actually based abroad in countries such as Germany or Holland.

3. Content is also very important if you want to do well in local results. If you want to do well in a city such as Plymouth for example, then you will need to make sure that the word ‘Plymouth’ is used in the content and in the Meta Tags. When writing your copy for each page of your web site think about ‘Localisation’ and including the keywords related to the local areas.

4. Add your business and website to Google Local Business Listings and Maps for free. Getting listed in the local listings in search results helps to re-inforce your business. See Fig.1 image above where I have got one client who specialise in wedding cars, a top Local Listing for free and also position 1 in the natural search listings.

5. Consider also reinforcing your brand name and website by also using Adwords. Even though many people see Adwords as a tool for immediate results, until they get a better natural search position, still using Adwords can give a triple branding effect.

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