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Blogging (along with Article writing, content and submissions) is one of the most effective and positive ways of building quality links.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is an online diary which is normally written in a general and informal way. There are some well known blogs which are 3rd party ones which are commonly used, although you can also set up your own custom made one. wordpress WordPress blogs are popular with many people. Blogger from Google Blogger is a blog platform from Google.

What exactly are the benefits from blogging?

From an SEO point of view, with a blog you can add links to different sites both in posts and in the main menus. It is best though to offer genuine content and content which is interesting so that people interested in the subject you write about, are genuinely interested in subscribing to the blog. If people subscribe i.e. via RSS, you will find that you end up targeting dozens, hundreds and even possibly thousands of people with every blog post you put live.

What Blogging Services we can offer you

The services for blogging which we offer include:

  • Blog Set-Up
  • Blog post writing
  • Guest writers

Sample Blogs

exhibitions sample

Blog Content and Writing

Blogs generally come in 2 forms. Blogs which are external to your website i.e. ones hosted on and and ones which are internal to your site. Writing weekly or monthly can be very time consuming hence we offer a ‘Blog Writing Service’ on any subject matter and according to the word count and style you need. Blogs tend to be more diary like (casual) then onsite content but you can choose. Contact Us for Writing Services.

Writing, Content and Submissions

Article Writing is another service we are happy to be able to offer and generally the articles are 400 – 450 words and tend to be on a wide variety of subject areas, very much dependant on the business our clients are pushing. Learn more about our Article Writing services.

Online Press Releases

Press releases are another type of online content many clients and company directors request and need. Online Press releases submitted to sites such as can be excellent for organic traffic and also link juice. Online Press Releases need to be written different to articles and blogs. Press Releases

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