Web Strategy and Planning

Strategic planning

No matter what the size of your business and website, having even a basic plan of action is advisable, particularly when you consider the potential upside of getting the site such that it drives significant business your way. Get your site high in relevant search results and you can often find that your business doubles or triples in income and traffic. Consider also the cost that some companies go to to try and get high in searches and what if you could achieve the same quality results but for much less budget? I am always of the opinion (and it might seem obvious but this is so often lost on people when investing sometimes) that for every pound you put into online marketing, you should be looking to get more than a pound back. In other words, investing not only your money but also your time, needs to be cost effective and profitable. Getting organised with an online marketing plan is the starting point.

Marketing Planning

Take a look at the diagram on the top of this page and you begin to see that to start with and for the long term in fact, keeping to a very simple strategy, will keep you in favour with Google. Using what are known in the industry as white hat techniques (these are techniques which are considered acceptable by Google i.e. natural) it can take you longer to rise up through the search results, but the important thing is that the position rises will be sustainable. Many companies have been known to go out of business overnight when Google have made algorithm changes such as Google Penguin and Google Panda. To get started I recommend the following:

Quality and Fresh Content

Any content you add to your website should ideally be a minimum of 400 words (500 or 600 words is even better) and the content should be original and it should stick to the theme of your site. Focus on making your content genuinely useful for your users and informative. Do not afraid also to include links to resources if they are relevant to the content. It can also be a good idea to run the content through www.copyscape.com to ensure that you have not accidentally copied what is already online or that one of your writers has not. Make sure also to social bookmark your new page if you can. Let friends now about the new page and ask them if they can bookmark the page in Facebook for example.

Clean Profile and Citations

If you are starting a new site then your link profile will already be clean i.e. you will be starting afresh. By link profile we mean the profile you have online such as every resource, citation and mention of your site online whether it be on other websites, in social media, on PDFs and online journals and basically any resource online. Ideally if your site is mentioned anywhere, then it is on respected websites which have authority in Google’s eyes and which are also theme matched with your site. If your site is about Human Resources and you are mentioned on dozens of low quality sites which are about pets, this is clearly not as good as being mentioned on high quality human resources articles and web pages online. You do have a say in this in any respects in that it is up to you to build strong relationships with the right people in your own industry. make sure for example to hand out as many business cards as you can when you attend trade events and conferences. Approach these partnerships and inter-relationships just the same as you would have before the internet came along.

Social Media Marketing

Ignore this at your own risk. It is simply far more than send sending pointless messages and in fact is now about having access to a worldwide market, instant connections with potential customers and the ability to network one-to-one and to promote your product, brand or website. More from our social media page.

Pay Per Click Advertising

The considerations also discussed are more of a long term strategy and the good news is that there is also an option in the meantime, to also get instant high results in Google searches. Pay Per Click Advertising is offered by several companies but by far the most relevant and important service is Google’s own Google Adwords. The idea of Adwords is that you bid on the terms you want to show for (the terms people will enter in a search) and your advertisement will show in search results immediately as long as you have the budget left and as long as your bis high enough. You can also set your ads to show in specific geographical locations which is one of the great things about Adwords. If you are a local business dealing only with people in your local area (a local florist or garage let’s say) then having ads only show within a 20 mile radius means that your budget for marketing on Adwords is very targeted! (Learn more about Adwords and training options).

Just a few of the areas we include are :

  • Keyword analysis
  • Meta tags creating (which emphasis given to Keyword Density – view sample analysis)
  • Search Engine spiders (how to ensure you create a mesh-like internal link structure)
  • How to use and not use links (Internal and external)
  • Page freshness
  • Domain name effectiveness
  • Naming conventions (i.e. to get traffic through google images)

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If you are further interested in Search Engine Optimsation, the organisation SEMPRO offer extra information and are attempting to standardise parts of the online marketing industry.

Note: Promarketingonline.com cannot guarantee Google search result positions (in fact no company can and you are advised to be ware of any company who do make such promises.