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We are based in Cardiff and Bristol and offer a range of services including SEO, Adwords, WordPress web design and management and eMarketing training. If you are looking to get your website visibility and traffic online we can help you.

We offer a number of SEO services including:

  • Adwords Training and/or Management.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Training and/or Management.
  • Web Design (with integrated SEO).
  • Link acquisution.
  • Online & Internet Branding.

Dual branding and traffic building with a good Adwords Position, combined with a good Local Business Listing can be very effective. Even more effective is Triple Branding. You can learn more about eMarketing and Online Branding on the Branding page.

For a Bristol online marketing, SEO and Adwords management company, we are here to help.

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SEO and Its Affect on Traditional Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a major technique used in E-marketing and a lot of literature and attention is beginning to be given to SEO, such is the increasing importance for companies looking to compete in E-Commerce. If we take the 4 P’s in the traditional marketing mix – the product, price, place and promotion, SEO can be considered to have an impact on all of these except for the product itself. By getting a website selling home relaxation products, highly placed in the main search engines for example, will affect the promotion. The directness of E-marketing via SEO will also potentially lower the price, whilst the Internet (affected directly by SEO because it produces visibility for the product) can act as the place.

The product itself can be affected, although not directly as a result of SEO – Having the website high in search engine results will not change the product. The product can be affected more generally though by e-marketing books for example, sometimes turned into e-books. If the owner of a belly dance website for example, had written a book about ‘Home relaxation’, that owner would have the option of not only selling that book in traditional paper form, but also as an e-book which can be downloaded. (This paperless version in effect, enables the seller to lower the price of the product).

Making sure ones site comes high in the search engines, in light of the benefits that can be accrued in the marketing mix, is clearly important. The fact that people using search engines though, will usually only consider the top ten or twenty results, makes clear the challenge facing a Webmaster in using SEO. If someone for example, is looking to a home sauna or home Jacuzzi, it is essential that when entering the words ‘home sauna’, that either a CPC advertisement (i. e. via Adwords) comes up on the first or second search page; or that the website comes in the top twenty of the search results. In order to get ones site high in the search engines (unless instead using a keywords CPC campaign to gain visibility) SEO techniques become crucial. Interestingly, studies have shown that once people get a hit they stop, according to (Introna & Nissenbaum, 2000), placing even greater relevance value on using SEO for one’s site.

The complexity of getting ones site high in the search engines becomes clear when we consider that the algorithms for ranking websites, are not public. Google for their ranking of web-pages also admit that their results are automatically determined by more than 100 factors and consider also that there are dozens of different search engines, each with different ways of classifying pages. SEO as a part of e-marketing.

As mentioned there are over 100 things involved in algorithms such as the one created by Google, for analysing websites. Some of the less painful and relatively quick things you can do include making all:

  • Your Meta tags relevant to the text on the page
  • Naming your images also to use your keywords
  • Try to use textual sits rather than all graphical
  • Make sure you maintain the site often
  • MANUALLY submit your site to the main search Engine
  • Get about 10 links into your sort arranged and if possible, make sure that these are quality link i. e. from quality sites.
  • If you do these things, you can then begin worrying about the other 90 plus issues afterwards. This will give you an initial push so get started on your SEO!

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Having finished PhDs in academia, Paul and Valeria wanted more freedom to travel worldwide and started ProMarketing, building on Paul's 15 years in online marketing.