As a blogger, finding a way to develop content on a regular basis I know can be a challenge for many of you. Many of you have asked us how we plan our content and find the time to do long posts. Well, in this post, we will explain to you how we and how you can schedule blog content.

How to schedule and plan blog content

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What Are Your Personal Targets and Resources?

In order to give you help and advice that can be practical, rather than me just writing a bunch of stuff here that does not really relate to your own situation, let’s talk first about your personal targets and resources.

Planning how to schedule blog content

You need to think and incorporate your personal time demands and what you want to ultimately achieve when planning how to schedule blog content. You might as well be in it for the long game!

You may be a:

  • A mum who has to balance work and parenting and time is sporadic.
  • Someone working full-time who is starting a blogging business on weekends of late evenings. Again, time might be tight.
  • You might have the resources, on the other hand, in terms of time and money, to dive straight into blogging head first and do it full-time.

Whilst costs is not an issue to start a blogging business (see point 3 on the fear of starting a business post), time certainly is a key factor into how you should schedule blog content.

So, when considering these ideas below, realise that you should use it only as a guide.

You are better off adopting the schedule to be realistic and manageable for your own specific situation. Your new blogging journey and business should be both fun and rewarding. You can go at your own pace!

Ideal Schedule When Starting

This is how we started and how we do it, so I hope this at least gives you something to use if you are struggling with content creation.

Where I mention Pinterest below and Tailwind, you can learn about these here on the Pinterest tips page and the Tailwind for Beginners post.

Beginner Blogger and Normal Writer

  • Write 20 high-quality posts in 10 weeks.
  • Aim for +1850 words on each post as a target (do though prioritise quality over quantity, so writing much less is better than writing junk).
  • After you have 20 posts, write one high-quality article per week (or an average of 4 a month).
  • (If doing Pinterest marketing as part of your blogging strategy: then you will have enough content do a full Tailwind schedule for 3 months i.e. 20 posts x put onto 6 boards each X an equal number of pins by other people = 240 pins)
  • (If Pinterest is part of your strategy, have one main Pinterest image in each post, 2 if you wish. You can Pinterest images in 5 minutes in Canva!)

Beginner Blogger and Writing Fanatic

  • Write 30 posts in 50 days.
  • Keep to the high-quality content and + 1850 words rules as much as possible.
  • (Pinterest: this will be 30 posts x 6 boards each and doubled by using an equal number of pins by others = 360 pins. Tailwind scheduler tends to use approx 22 a week so you will have enough pins to schedule for around 4 months).

Established Blogger

  • 1 key post a week of 1850 words to 3000 words.
  • Tidy 1 old post a week, re-updating it with fresh content.
  • Focus more on sellable eProducts or opportunities.

What Content You Need in Each Post

I allow one full day for each post. Even if one post takes two days, it is better to make it great quality and to get it right.

These are the parts and process I use:

How to Schedule Blog Content for a Future Date in WordPress

If you have arrived on this post because you just want to know how to schedule a post to go live in Wordress on a future date, this is how you do it!

How to draft a blog post in WordPress

  • When you are in WordPress, go to the post you want to set to go live on a future date. On that page or post look on the right-hand side and you will see the”Publish” section.
  • You may need to maximise the section to see it all
  • There will be a drop-down box that has the options “Published”, “Pending review” and “Draft”. Choose “Published”.
  • Then click on the “Edit” link just underneath that is where you can change the date. In the image above, you will see where it says “Published on 8 Oct 2018 @ 1857 edit“. Change that date to a future date. This is the date you want it to automatically publish itself.
  • Make sure you remember, after these steps, to press the blue “Update” button!

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