Starting a blog can be a big learning curve, especially if you are looking to build your business around blogging. In this post, I answer 101 blog FAQ questions that I most often get asked, from new bloggers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us your own questionsNote: Some of the answers below may include affiliate links.

Blog faq questions answered in this set of 101 questions

Domain Names FAQ

Domain names questions

How do I choose a domain name? I have spent ages trying to choose a name and can’t find one that is available or that I like. Help!

If you are looking to choose a domain name, some hacks that can be very useful include considering a domain ending such as rather than, because still has a lot of excellent names available. You can also consider using your own name (such as or make up a new word just like Google, Yahoo and Spotify. I would also recommend using to search for Synonyms for extra ideas for terms that you can use. If you still need some ideas and help you can join our Bloggers Facebook Group and we will help suggest some ideas if you post info on what your blog is generally about,

What domain (address) suffix do I need to buy?

I would advise to try and get a if you can but in truth, so many of the best domain have gone. If you are going to use your name as the domain then it might still be available. is also a great option and because it is a much newer option, there are still some great domain names available for

You can use your own countries suffix (address ending) i.e. for the UK or for Italy. If you can I would recommend going for a neutral and global suffix such as or

Where do I buy my domain name?

If you need both a domain name and hosting (its the box that your blog sits in and from where the world views it, one might say) then I recommend Bluehost as you get a FREE domain name if you buy the hosting for one year and the hosting starts from only. Click here to get a free domain and cheap hosting from Bluehost.

If you already have website hosting elsewhere then you can also buy your domain name from where domains are available from just a few dollars a year.

How do I connect my domain name to my hosting?

If you buy your hosting and get a free domain with it, such as through Bluehost, they have an auto-installation that makes it very easy and they set up the connection between the domain name and the hosting automatically. If you buy the domain name separately, i.e. through or another domain name seller, you will need to navigate to the section on the domain site where it says “Nameservers”

Changing the Nameservers to set up your blog - Blog FAQ Questions

Example of the interface you will see if setting up the Nameservers manually, to connect your domain name with your hosting.

Overall, if you are a new blogger, I would recommend getting a free domain and automatic setup with a Bluehost basic package.

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Blog Hosting Questions

Blog servers

What is Hosting and why do I need it?

If you have a blog or website, you must have a company who provides the connection between your site and the world wide web. Think of it as like a shopping mall. People go shopping in the mall and yo reach them, you must have space in the mall. The mall, in other words, hosts your store. You pay them rent. Hosting is a bit like that.

It is technically possible to make your own hosting but it is not realistic for the majority of people, and certainly not as a new blogger. You would need great technical expertise. 99% of bloggers pay for hosting. Some hosting options that we have personally used and can recommend are Hostgator and Bluehost. You will need hosting one way or another unless you use the free blogging platforms such Personally, though, I would recommend a paid option because it gives you more flexibility for adding plugins (plugins are tools to make your blog more dynamic and are explained later on this page).

Can I host the site for free?

There are free ways to host your site if you are really on a very tight income and need just to get started. I suggest to try:

Be warned though that with free hosting, there are many drawbacks compared to hosting your own blog. With free hosting such as on Wix, you will have a website address that includes Wix in the name (unless you buy a custom name through Wix) and there are limitations such as the plugins (add-ons) you can use with the free hosting. For the sake of $5 or so a month, I would strongly recommend paid web hosting through WordPress.

What is the best and most economical hosting for blog hosting?

As mentioned above, you can use some free platforms to host your blog (such as Wix) but if you are serious about wanting to build income from your blog then I strongly recommend hosting your site through a cheap but paid hosting company such as Bluehost because you will then have:

    • the freedom to add whatever plugins and design you need (you will belimited to a free service)
    • have a cheap site (Bluehost start from just $2.95 a month)
    • and a hosting that, from my own experience, offers good support.

Some other options of hosting I have used include Hostgator and MDD Hosting.

WordPress FAQs

WordPress training

What are plugins

The best way to describe plugins is a 3rd party program that you can attach to your blog or website to provide you with the chance to add certain functions. You can have plugins, for example, to:

  • improve site speed
  • provide security for your site
  • provide mailing list forms
  • back-up your site or blog
  • provide design features
  • include a shopping cart

How do I back-up my blog site?

Backup buddy plugin to back-up your website blog

I use a plug-n called “Backup Buddy” to back-up my blog site. This plugin can be used to set backups as often as you wish, such as daily, weekly or monthly and it takes a copy of everything including the databases, images, content and saves it as one file. I have re-installed other sites before using this plugin and it has always gone smoothly. It is a paid for plugin but in my view, is essential! Do you really want to lose everything on your blog if the site were hacked or something accidentally deleted? You can get the Backup Buddy plugin here!

Web Traffic Questions

What is the best way to get free traffic?

There are a few techniques to drive traffic with zero cost. You can start by:

  • Build some free links to blogs and sites in your own niche. If you are a gardening expert, search for forums, directories etc that are specifically related to gardening. The important thing is to keep within the same niche so that these free links match the same niche. Do not, for example, create a link to your gardening blog from a car parts blog.
  • Develop a pinterest account and driving traffic through pinterest. Pinterest is a free search engine that gives you a wonderful chance to drive heavy traffic with minimal effort (compared to other search engines such as Google).

How can I check my website traffic for free for analysis

The best free tools by far for this are to use:

These tools are very easy to install and will provide you a vast amount of information including on your site traffic (in Google results), links to your site, user behaviour etc.

Mail Lists FAQs

Mail list software

What is the best mail list software for bloggers?

Without question, Convertkit is the best software that I have used for developing a mail list. This software was created by Nathan Barry. Nathan was a professional blogger who identified the need for software that is specifically designed and created for bloggers and hence how Convertkit was founded.

Convertkit makes it really easy and intuitive for bloggers. Creating forms, email sequences (so that your followers can get freebies such as a 7-day email course) is made really simple.

You can also consider MailChimp and one big advantage of MailChimp is that you can use a free account for 0 -1000 subscribers. In our personal opinions, from using both MailChimp and Convertkit, we would suggest using Convertkit from the beginning, if you are serious about making money from blogging.

Writing Blog Posts FAQs

Writing blog posts

How long should blog posts be?

There are exact rules but I recommend always to aim for 1800 words. This amount of content will give search engines a clear idea of the purpose and theme of that post and it is enough content to thoroughly cover a subject in good detail. The emphasis though should be on quality also.

Being a Blogger Questions

A lifestyle blogger

I am worried about having the confidence to put stuff online. Help!

One of the most common issues with starting a blog is the worry over putting information online and being open to the thoughts and criticisms of the world. The question also of perfecting things and when to go live are also questions that are common when I talk with new bloggers.

My advice is that there you do not need to worry about trying to create perfection but to simply use your blog to express yourself and have a voice online. If you really think about it – what do you really have to lose? I bet the answer when you really consider this question is – very little to lose, right?!

You can develop and grow as you write your blog and this can be something that your readers share with you. Take them on a journey! On your journey!

What is the difference between a blog and a website


How does a blogger make money

How do you make money blogging, I find I am asked almost on a daily basis these days! Another common question I am asked is how much do blogger make? Well, let me answer these two questions and expand further.

Blogging for Free

Free blogging resources

What are the best FREE WordPress themes?

There are literally hundreds of free templates and you can visit

Two themes I personally have used and really like are the Sydney free theme and the Allegiant theme. You read more about those 2 themes here!

Where can I get free Blogging Training?

You can do these courses for free:

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How do I start a business blog? How do you start your own blog for free?

The process I would recommend to follow to get seated is to:

  1. Choose a blogging niche.
  2. Then choose a domain name.
  3. Buy hosting.
  4. Choose a WordPress template
  5. Start writing!
  6. If you want to make money from blogging, take our Free 7 Day email course.
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