About Us


With ProMarketingOnline, our goal has always been to develop a business that gives you the opportunity:

  • to work from anywhere in the world i.e. to be free to at least have the choice of where to work from.
  • to work for yourself
  • help you gain more flexibility time-wise.
  • and to make income blogging about something you love and are passionate about.

Who We Are

There are two us at ProMarketingonline – Paul and Valeria.

The marketing team at Promarketingonline


– Hi, I was born in Plymouth, Devon, England and I love to travel and love learning new things. For the mental challenge, I recently did a PhD at Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK, which I passed. Rather than move into academia to teach though, I now teach through blogging and design online courses. I married to Valeria (the other partner in this business) and together we now able to live and work from anywhere and we make a comfortable living from blogging.


Welcome to ProMarketing everyone. Big hugs to everyone and thank you for visiting our site. I am originally from the island of Sicily, Italy, but I have been living in the UK for many years. I speak fluent English, native Italian and conversation English and I also love to travel. In my spare time, I am doing a PhD and I have a few years teaching experience at university level. I am passionate about teaching and enjoy designing courses on blogging and other subject areas.

Our Hopes for the Future

In the next 5 years we want to travel to:

  • India
  • Hawaii
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • China


To inspire a new group of successful bloggers to success and to grow our own business but without compromising our own free time and ability to travel.

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