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Valeria is originally from Sicily, Italy,

Pro Marketing are a company who specialise in the Emarketing of websites via website optimisation, Adwords CPC (Cost Per Click advertising) and PPC promotion, as well as many other techniques.Paul Symonds

Many companies promote SEO services but we have an excellent track record. We have clients in locations including Cardiff, Bristol, Barcelona, Taunton, Exeter, Bath and London, England, UK. Please feel free to email us anytime.

Paul Symonds – Founder and owner of ProMarketingonline.com

  • MSc in Computer Based Information Systems.
  • Member of the Charted Institute of Marketing.
  • 10 years experience in eMarketign and eStrategy.
  • Record of results in competitive sectors.

FAQ about ProMarketingOnline.com

Below the answers to some of the questions we get asked often.

Are you web designers or marketers?

We specialise in Online E-marketing although we do do some web design in the form of WordPress and we also offer training for Adwords, WordPress web site design and other training in the Cardiff, South Wales area and across the South West of England.

When do I need an eMarketing consultant?

These days many companies are thinking about hiring an e-marketing consultant (also sometimes called ‘Website Analysts). It is true that everyone wants to get into the top 10 of Google and other major search engines, and of course not everyone can. But, the fact is is that the earlier you get your site optimised and high in website search engines, the easier it will be to keep it there. As a company we tend only to undertake 1 or maximum 2 business within one given sector, so that we can focus on building the sites within that market.

Why is SEO important?

The income a company can gain from wide and global Internet coverage is great. Consider also that Internet and direct marketing costs can be significantly lower than some other forms of marketing. Search engine marketing gives you a better return than television, radio, direct mail,
print ads or trade shows.

With Google currently having literally more than a billion web pages in their index, it is essential that a website appears in the top 10 (or possibly top 20) results of the main search engines. Over 55% of all Internet purchases begin with a search engine, so it only makes sense to target people who are already looking for you in the first place. The quality of these leads are incredibly high as these are people who are specifically interested in your products or services. Having a top ranking in a major search engine is like having a full page ad in the Yellow Pages in every major city of the world.

What about those who claim to Submit your Web Site to Over 3500 Search Engines?

Paying money for such a service, can not only be a waste of money, but they can actually hurt your rankings. Google are known to penalise people who use multiple/batch search engine submissions, and the majority of these submitting companies are simply individuals who have purchased an automated website submission software. The fact is is that site optimisation can improve your ranking but submitting an un-optimised web
site just doesn’t work.

What about Pay-Per-Click Programs?

Some search engines offer a service in which you bid for top positions on certain keywords. The highest bidder for a chosen term ranks highest in the search engine results for this term, the next highest appears second etc. The price of the bid is charged to you whenever a user clicks on your entry. The more you bid, the higher your listing is ranked.

Depending on your product, how much gross profit you make from it, and what your conversion ratio is, it can be very profitable. But if you are a small business owner starting out on the web with lots of competitors, the bidding war can drive prices out of your reach, making it impossible to compete with the big companies who can afford this potentially expensive method of advertising.

What about Meta-Tags?

Search Engines still analyse title tags, image tags, link structure, directory structure, keyword density, relevancy, prominence, and proximity. Total number of words on the web-page, word repetitions, total words in certain areas on the page, alt tags, input tags, javascript, comment lines, domain name, directory name, filename, all also matter. Google are considered to use over 100 consideration in their search engine algorithm. Meta tags DO not need to correctly set but Title tags and other issues mentioned must be given some attention.

How Long Does the Process take?

If you want instant results, this is possible via Adwords pay per click. If you want long term search positions then we recommend to expect to rank anywhere between 3 months through to 18 months. It depends a lot on how competitive the specific sector is in which you are competing. The best option is a combination of short term and long term results by using Adwords from the start but simultaneously building your site with powerful content and quality partnerships. Eventually the hope is that you do not need to spend money on PPC and will have enough traffic through natural search results.

How do we begin?

Just contact us and we can then discuss your needs and talk about the best way forward – specific to your requirements.

Where do you do business?

We are based in Cardiff Wales but also have or have had clients in Bristol, Bath, Exeter, Plymouth, Weston-Super-Mare and several in Barcelona. We can also undertake any work in the world because we are able to communicate over the web i.e. via Skype.