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Training Schedule and Plan

The training takes place over a full day and normally from 10am through until 430pm with a 1 hour break in between. We do not teach group classes but tend to go In-House to your business location, whether it be your home or office and teach 1-3 people at a time. We are flexible though with time/s, location and number of people taught.

The following are the areas we cover during the training:

  • A brief overview of WordPress.
  • How to buy a good template and how to choose the best option.
  • How to install WordPress (and if necessary how to choose a domain name and hosting).
  • Setting up the template once installed.
  • Making the template secure and safe and organising automatic backups.
  • How to add content.
  • Using the plugins you will need.
  • How to add eCommerce functionality if needed
  • Installing Webmaster Tools and Analytics and Facebook functionality (if needed).

From the start, you may want to have your site designed such that you or a member of your staff can easily add new content or be easily able to edit the site and NOT be reliant on an expensive web design company. The answer is to use WordPress, a content management system (CMS) which after a few days you can quite easily master. Many web design companies will design a site for you in their own bespoke CMS and every time you need to change something, you not only have to wait for the web designers to reply and get the work completed, but you also end up with a significant bill. A bill you can easily avoid. WordPress is in other words, an excellent option for small and medium sized businesses but is also used by many large scale businesses worldwide. 15% of business worldwide in fact use WordPress.

Included in the Training


Understanding plugins including:

  • When and when not to use plugins.
  • Key plugins to improve site performance including speed.
  • Issues with plugins and considerations.
  • How to load and manage plugins.

Wordpress plugins

Themes and Design


  • How to choose a template and all considerations.
  • Installing a theme on your server.
  • Making changes and setting up your theme.
  • Responsive themes and mobile technologies.

Wordpress themes

Web Content and Copywriting

Writing copy for a website is a highly skilled area. The training includes the following:

  • Checking all content is original (using Copyscape)
  • Writing natural content which is good for search optimisation.
  • Writing content which is good for online marketing.
  • Other considerations (including length, style, common mistakes etc)

Web content


  • How to manage widgets.
  • Considerations, issues and opportunities.


Managing WordPress Settings

Training includes emphasis on how to understand and manage all the settings which are a part of WordPress, your Theme and all of the plugins you have installed. Issues covered include:

  • Making your site secure with settings.
  • Optimizing the site for search traffic and position.
  • Settings to avoid duplicate content.
  • and a look at all settings for setting a WordPress site up correctly.

Settings in WordPress

Hosting and Domains

I can also include discussion and training if time permits on the WordPress training day on:

  • Buying and choosing a domain name.
  • Choosing web hosting and all related issues surrounding hosting.
  • An introduction to CPanel.