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We offer a number of bespoke training days and these tend for the most part to take place in your business or work place. Everyone we deal with tends to be in a different position in terms of online marketing and with a different skills-set and with different requirements and needs. Often there is already a site in place and where possible we base training directly around the site – or around the Adwords if you already have it set up. Our training programmes below.

Adwords and Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) Training – Get direct training which is tailored specific to your own business.

Web Marketing Training – for a 1 day look at a mixture of SEO, PPC and your own site or business strategy for marketing online.

WordPress web design for beginners – is a one day training programme which teaches you everything you need to get started including buying templates, hosting, site set-up and WordPress basics.

Dreamweaver Basics – A look at Dreamweaver for beginners.

Online Profile Cleaning and Protection – one of the big issues online these days is protecting your data and information online and ensuring that your company and your personal information is represented appropriately online, is the basis of a half day training programme.

Training Days

Our training is specific to your needs. We find that every company literal has different needs, are working in different industries and are in a different state of progress. Add onto this the fact that everyone we deal with already has a variety of skills and often needs specific training, you can see the benefit of the bespoke training we organise.

Trainers Training Packs

If you are a trainer and looking to provide your own training courses for online and digital training you can find off the shelf marketing course from