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Visiting Cardiff, Wales

City centre

The Welsh capital

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and is its largest city with a population of over 325,000 inhabitants. Outside of London it is the city of Cardiff that is the home of the largest media sector in the United Kingdom. The city plays host to various television studios and radio stations including the British Broadcasting Corporation, ITV, HTV, S4C and so on.

Currently, Cardiff is the main centre for business and trade in Wales, not only because it is the capital of Wales but also because it is an important port. The city boasts of being part of the Euro cities network which includes all of Europe’s largest cities. Cardiff is also a showcase of the unique Welsh culture and acts as a tourist hotspot through most of the year.

Originally, a small town called Glamorgan, Cardiff soon grew in strength and power when it became a major port transporting coal during the industrial revolution. Eventually Cardiff was proclaimed a city and later on the capital of Wales.

When looking for accommodation Cardiff, visitors are sure to be spoiled for choice with cosy inns, guesthouses and luxurious hotels such as the Hilton Cardiff hotel, the Cardiff Marriott hotel and so on. The city has more than enough accommodation options to suit every budget.

Cardiff has developed into a bustling international city that has an exhilarating nightlife with clubs, restaurants, cafes and bars to provide night time entertainment to tourists. The best place to enjoy the nightlife in Cardiff is to visit Cardiff bay which has a whole assortment of places to visit. The city is also home to several malls and large shopping centres, as well as several museums and art galleries renowned for their collections.

Cardiff has a temperate climate and enjoys great maritime weather throughout the year since it borders the Bay.

The Cardiff International Airport is not too far from Rhoose in the Vale of Glamorgan, and is basically 12 miles west of Cardiff. Transport options in Cardiff include train, road, taxi, and bus. If driving to the airport, it is best to follow the M4 and the A4232, A4050 and A4226. Visitors can also hire a car service from their hotel or take a taxi to the airport. Travelling by train is also an excellent alternative as there is direct link from Cardiff Central and Bridgend to the Rhoose Cardiff International Airport station.

What to see and Do

If what you want is a quick list of the attractions I would recommend then here we go:

  1. Cardiff Castle – allow a few hours and get a guided tour. This is worth every penny.
  2. Millennium Stadium Tour – Now one of Europe’s leading stadiums and used as one of the 6 nations rugby stadiums, you can learn more via
  3. The City Centre shops and malls – The centre of the city is one of the best shopping locations in the Wales and the South and South West of the UK.
  4. A Live Show – There are several venues offering excellent world class entertainment including St.David’s Hall, the Millennium Centre and the New Theatre.
  5. Cardiff Bay – This redeveloped area has seen an impressive renovation turn this into an area with shops, bars, restaurants and the Millennium Centre.

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