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Social bookmarking

Another technique being used more and more these days in SEO is Social Networking. Social networking involves the concept that people i.e. web users themselves choose what is good content and in this way, users get to add value to what is made popular on the Internet.

Facebook setup

Web users vote on articles, recommend stories they see and just like in real life with word-of-mouth,social networks are developed. For web site owners, you can work at creating quality content in the form of articles, stories and news and in this way, generate interest for your web site and products.

Social Networking and Sharing is only going to become bigger and bigger and already words such as Facebook are common place. There are several ways to utilise Social Networking for business. You can for example get started with Facebook Advertising and Facebook Groups.

Facebook Advertising

As you can see below with Facebook Advertising, you can target the exact users you want to target with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) according to people’s:

  • Location
  • Keywords listed such as ‘Travel’ in their profile
  • Educational level
  • Relationship
  • Age

Setting up a FaceBook Group is also a good option if you want to build your brand. Many large and well-known companies already use Facebook for building their brand name and for offering promotions and for other services. You can set up a Group or add a profile to which people become ‘Fans’. Social Book Marking and Sharing is becoming important for Traffic Building so do not ignore it.

We can guide you through the social networking maze and help you develop a strategy to increase your own web sites traffic in England. We are based in Cardiff, Bristol, Newport and Bath in the UK. Feel free also to join the UK EMarketing Group on FaceBook. Our group is new and called UK E-Marketing. Just click groups and search for UK E-Marketing in the ‘Groups’ box.