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We have several years dealing with Social Media as a form of online marketing and we provide training in all aspects of social media marketing, with particular emphasis on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus

The idea that using Twitter is silly and a waste of time is easy to understand for those not used to utilising the power of social media as effective tools. Whether your goal is to drive extra traffic to your website, improve direct sales or build brand awareness, the power of people to people marketing is impossible to ignore if you want to be competitive online. A high percentage of online sales are now generated via these forms of media and they alone can generate more traffic than a good search listing in Google.

There is a level of expertise and understanding which you will need in order to get the most out of these forms and they are not difficult as such, but do need to be covered. Some quick basic tips for you:

  1. Twitter – is designed for person to person contact rather than for business to person contact. Always try and put a face to the business, be it an individual or a group of employees in one photo. The context needs to be personal.
  2. All media – The selling (if that is your goal) needs to be a soft sell. The 80/20 rule is important in this form of marketing because constant attempts to sell will de-personalise the experience for other facebook or Twitter users and they will unfollow you. Social media marketing is very much about building powerful relationships.
  3. Do NOT automate posting to these services. It becomes obvious and spammy and will simply waste your time. You will not develop the relationships you need to.

What We Offer

You might just require a days training and guidance on setting up and managing your business Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus accounts, or you might require management of these accounts. Whatever your situation, we are happy to talk with you and to advise you.