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Thank you for considering our services. We would love to hear from you and are happy to discuss your specific needs. Below a look at the various work we offer.

WordPress Training

Roughly 15% all of websites online use WordPress as the content management system and it is easy to see why. With a vast number of plugins and easily integrated with eCommerce online shops, forums and easy to add a wide array of functionality, WordPress is also relatively easy to use once you understand the basics. Our 1 day WordPress training takes place in-house. Learn more about our WordPress classes and lessons which we teach 1-to-1 or to groups.

SEO and eMarketing Training

Whilst there are many technical aspects and things you can learn in eMarketing, there are also several basics that you can learn within 1 to 2 days with training, and which will give you a better chance of managing your own site. The training will give you help in understanding some of the natural techniques you can use to help your site gain better positioning online. Learn more.

Link and Web Profile Cleaning

Having a clean and positive profile online for your business and also for your own personal profile, can have a significant impact on future business, opportunities, security from an online perspective and even affect future work opportunities you might have. We offer a profile cleaning and management service which includes link and web profile management. Learn more about our profile cleaning and management services.

Online Reputation Management

A fairly new term for many people but fast becoming considered a vital aspect of online business, ‘Online Reputation Management’ is vital if you are looking to build a web based business and brand. You might be starting a new business or you might already have a business which is online but need not only web profile cleaning but also a look at your whole reputation right across the web. We offer this service.

Web Content Writing

Creating genuine and useful content for web users is an excellent long term strategy for your business site and we offer content sales and also help and guidance on web writing.

PPC Training or Management

If you need Facebook PPC help or Adwords Management then we can help. We offer full management and set-up and for companies of any size.