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Terms to use

Keyword analysis is crucial for promoting your website once you decide to use a service such as Adwords Pay-Per-Click program so that you can get instant results for your business.

Getting Started

You need to spend time and effort ensuring that you carefully select the important words, words which correctly reflect not only the products or service you are promoting, but also match the words which the user will actually likely use to search for your product. There is a significant cognitive element to creating your target terms in that everyone will have a different way of selecting their chosen terms to reflect what they themselves call or refer to a product or servce as. You might for example use the words “luxury sofa” when searching for furniture, whilst someone else might use the term “luxury settee”. You need to think as the user thinks in order to target the terms they would use. If you do not use the correct keywords to attract the right number and types of site visitors, you could potentially be wasting a lot of money.

Creating a website which is natural and offers genuinely good usability for the end user is key so do NOT write your webpages just with search engines in mind. Think about the users and make each page of your site bespoke

Time Management

The benefits of spending time undertaking keyword research and analysis is invaluable and we in fact recommend spending one or two days only on research before even thinking about setting up your Adwords account. Keyword research is very important for many reasons including because:

  • It will enable you to achieve better Adwords and CPC results
  • Analyse where you competitors traffic is coming from
  • Look for niche keywords which can get you more traffic

Terms for your website content

To re-enforce the power of the message to people you drive to your site through pay per click ads, terms and headings on the landing page on your site, should match the term the person orginally searched for. This confirms to the user that they have indeed landed on the appropiate page and you mantain their interest. Make sure also that the phrases you are targeting for a given page also exist in the Meta tags (i.e. the Meta Title and Description).

The next step:

We offer keyword analysis as a service and if you are looking to analyse your own site in the future, we offer keywords training. Email us now for a FREE consultation in Bristol, Cardiff and Bath – Devon, Avon and Somerset. We also do some work in Barcelona.