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There are many tools online these days for translations but the problem is that they translate literally and this can make for some very confusing language and your message can literally get lost in translation. What we offer is a personalised and professional service and offering translations and interpretation services between Italian and English and English to Italian. Valeria is originally from Italy but has lived many years in the UK and has experience working with many departments in the UK such as with Ofsted and Cardiff University, in the UK. We provide various services including the translation of documents, websites translations, proofreading, multi language services and transcription. If you are looking for an Italian translator, we offer the following services.

Translation of documents

We will translate documents from Italian into English and English into Italian, in various formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher and more. Just contact us with a word count and a description of the document you would like us to translate and we will give you a quote.

Website translations

With a long time experience in websites translations, we will translate your website in a SEO friendly way. This includes translation of parts of the HTML code (ALT tags and META tags) and of pictures’ names, which, if in the target language, will increase the possibility of your site to come up high in search engines for that language.  We can use Word, Dreamweaver, Notepad or other applications according to your needs.


With our experience as proofreaders (working with Ofsted – the English Office for Standards in Education – proofreading their reports) we provide proofreading services for English as well as Italian texts.

Transcription and translations

Transcription consists in listening to a recorded text (it could be a DVD, a CD, an MP3 or an AVI file) and writing down the text. We can provide just transcription or transcription and translation of the  text. We provide this service for Italian recordings. Learn about our Italian Translation and Transcription Services.

Multi Language Services

Even if we specialise in Italian and English, our partners can also offer  translations from English or Spanish into German. Read more on our Multi language services page.

Consecutive Interpretation

We provide consecutive face-to-face interpretation from Italian to English and from English to Italian. Read more about our interpretation services.

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