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Dreamweaver for Beginners Training

Dreamweaver for Beginners training – £295 (PDF Training Plan Sample)


Dreamweaver for Beginners training – £295 MS Word)

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PRICE: £295

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Location: In-House. You decide where the training takes place. Normally it is a one to one or one to two person training session and organised around yoru specific training needs.

Further Information: This course is for BEGINNERS to Dreamweaver and covers the fundamentals and basics of setting up a new site and getting started from the very beginning.

Our 1-day training program covers the following areas:

  • Getting set up
  • Pre Planning
  • The Dreamweaver interface
  • Starting a CSS file
  • Viewing and editing the html
  • Inserting images and text
  • Adding web links
  • Making templates and editable areas
  • Uploading the content to the Internet
  • The Interface
  • Setting up a local site
  • Viewing your design
  • Accessing and editing the code
  • Creating a page with basic features
  • Working with images

  • Adding dynamic features
  • Working with forms
  • Creating lists
  • Adding in Meta Tags
  • Using the Tag Inspector
  • Things to be aware of
  • Creating a template
  • Setting Editable areas
  • Creating more pages
  • Updating pages site-wide
  • FTP Basics

Everyone we teach tends to be a different starting level and we can accommodate this although this course aimed at beginners.