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Quality Content and its Importance

One of the most important things when developing a website in this Post-Penguin and Post-Panda world (the big updates which changed the SEO landscape online) is QUALITY CONTENT!

Google are now giving much more emphasis to sites which are genuine and offer genuine content for their readers, i.e. sites which attempt to really add to the quality of information online. Typically content should be 400 words plus although I personally often choose a minimum of 600 words.

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What we can do for you is:

  1. Write articles of between 400 – 750 words.
  2. Ensure the content is natural and themed.
  3. Is orginal and passes through
  4. Is well written in English.

We offer no minimum for the number of articles you can request.

Tips for Writing for the Web

Writing in the print and publishing industry is completely different from writing online. For online writers and editors, there is arguably more freedom in how you write than in magazines, where there is often a strict house style and grammatical guidelines. Depending on the website you are writing for, you are free to tailor your articles to your audience.

If it is a technical site, then you can feel free to go as in-depth as you like, but on the whole web-text is often more relaxed in its prose style, making it as easy for the reader as possible to enjoy the content. People often read online content much slower than in print, due to the added strain of reading from a computer screen, so it is important to make your text as punctual and to the point as possible. Also try to make the text as relevant as possible, and try not to go off topic. People are reading your site for a specific reason and may be put off if you go off track.

Here a few simple tips to remember when writing online:

  • Do not use long words if you can help it. Make the content as easy to read as possible and try to use layman terms instead of specialist vocabulary (unless of course it is an industry-specific site).
  • Keep a specific style and do not stray from it. Eg. Do not write in Caps Lock or overuse bold and italics.
  • ALWAYS check grammar and spelling. Nothing is more likely to put off your readership than bad grammar.
  • Short and concise paragraphs are easier to read than long pieces of text. If you can, break it up with images. The internet is a visual medium after all.