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If you are actively involved in promoting your business here in Cardiff, Wales, we are able to help you push your website and business online. We have an office in Heath, Cardiff and have clients in Cardiff as well we Newport, Bristol and around South Wales, the South West, UK and also as far as Barcelona, Spain.

Bespoke SEO Solution

We find the every business is different and a variety of services are usually required. A sample of the requests we get for example are for:

  • Advice, help and training for Adwords PPC advertising online.
  • Website search engine optimisation help and sometimes training.
  • eStrategy and overall consultation and planning for a new or existing online business in Cardiff, Wales.
  • Online Branding through Adwords, Online Maps and good search position.

We basically cover all areas of eMarketing, eStrategy and Online Advertising.

CONTACT US NOW if you are based in Cardiff, Wales and are looking to promote your business online including and need web traffic.

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Marketing your Business in Cardiff

One of the first things which needs to be considered is if your business is one which is based on local business provision or is a business based in Cardiff but which supplies services or products nationally or globally. The way in which you should market your business online if you are a local hairdresser or garage for example (meaning all of your business is aimed at local residents) are very different from how you should use online marketing for a company you have which despite been Wales based, actually targets a very broad geographical market. Some specific ways in which your business type can be targeted accordingly includes via:

  • Geographical targeting in Adwords.
  • Use of Google Local Maps and Google + Page listings.
  • Content aimed at local markets.

Internet Marketing Training in Cardiff

We do offer a variety of bespoke training courses in Cardiff, Newport and other location in South Wales. We do not offer class tuition but teach In-House and planned around your specific needs and often taught 1-to-1 or 1-to-2. Training we offer includes on online marketing basics, Adwords and basic web design.