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Adwords Campaign Management

One of most effective ways to gain immediate exposure to thousands of people on the web is to use a Cost-per-Click or Pay-Per-Click campaign such as Adwords. Your campaign can be set-up such that your advertisement shows on screen beside search results, when the web searcher enters certain keywords, keywords which match the keywords set in your campaign settings.

Sample sponsored CPC and CPC links ads:


We can set the:

  • What keywords and phrases you want in your campaign.
  • The amount of money each word/phrase is sponsored for.
  • Tweaking over time to optimise the productivity of these keyword expressions
  • Different campaign groups with individualized ad headings
  • We can set the campaign to be available onto in certain geographical regions. Set your Adwords by country or even city, such as Cardiff, Newport, Bath or Bristol.
  • We can offer a 1 Day training program on Adwords campaign management

A limit can be set for each day maximum expenditure, so that you do not end up with an unexpected bill if thousands of people suddenly click on your ad.

Sample Campaign Management Set-up

Campaign management

When you consider that a user would have to go through 3 STAGES in order for you to have to pay a few pence for that person to visit your site, this can be a very effective ‘pull’ medium. These three stages are:

The user would have had to recognise his or her own desire to look for an item, service or piece of information.

  • The user will then have had to enter certain keywords of his/her own choosing, in a search engine.
  • The user must then have specifically chosen to click the keyword link to go to your site.

One of the most common keyword promotion programs is Google’s ‘Adwords ’. The beauty of such a promotion technique, and one that makes Adwords as beneficial to small businesses, perhaps more than large businesses, is that it offers the small businesses an equal playing field regardless of the company size. When a person searches the web by entering keywords in a search bar, any advertiser who has sponsored certain keywords with Adwords, can have their ad come up. The process as a whole is far more specific than a banner ad and thus one a small business will only pay under very specific circumstances. For a small business, the advertiser only pays if their ad is clicked and the advertiser has the knowledge that in effect, the user has gone through 2 stages purely through their own recognition of an interest.

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